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BCT Benefits is a family-owned and operated insurance agency, Headquartered in Harrisburg PA.

Employee Benefits

Free Analysis and Recommendation

These insurance products are all "Guaranteed Issue"

Group Life Insurance, Group Dental Insurance, Group Disability Insurance, Group Vision Insurance and 401k savings programs

All of these “Supplemental Benefits” can be offered to your employees on a voluntary basis, meaning that the employees pay 100% of the premium.

Of course your company can pay for, or contribute to, these benefits if you desire.

They can also pay for these benefits on a Pre Tax basis, through a Section 125 plan, sometimes referred to as a "Cafeteria Plan".

We represent dozens of insurance companies to fulfill your requirements.

Did you know that the insurance your employees get in relation to you company may be the only insurance they have?

I can't tell you how important that is. Do you have an employee with Diabetes? Cancer? They would have a hard time getting life or disability insurance.

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