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Group Life Insurance

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Group Life Insurance is a terrific benefit to add for your employees. It is relatively inexpensive and is guaranteed issue, no medical questions asked, up to a certain amount predicated by the size of your group. The plan can have coverage for spouses and dependents also.

As a business owner you can provide a basic life policy for all your employees, typically $10 to $15k. Then you can add a voluntary plan—100% employee paid, inexpensive and at group rates.

You may be surprised that someone in your group may not be able to get life insurance due to existing medical conditions. The Group policy provides them a terrific opportunity to get the needed coverage to protect their families.

BCT represents some of the best and most cost effective plans in the market today.

Please give us a call and let us show you how simple it is to add this employee benefit to you package.

If you have it now and have not gone out to bid in a while, I highly recommend you give us a call, we are seeing higher guaranteed issue amounts with substantially lower premiums.

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